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Since 1924 we have been the threading tool specialist with a comprehensive offering of products and services
  • with an extensive stock of special dimensions, intermediate sizes and "exotics".

  • with urgent productions within a maximum of 3 days
    (see REELL-3-Day-Service)

  • with CNC-thread grinding work within a few days
    (see CNC-Thread Grinding Technique)

Threading Tools

    Standard Catalogue Programme
  • Taps
    (machine taps, hand taps, nut taps, multi-purpose taps)

  • Forming taps (fluteless taps)

  • Threading dies (thread cutting dies)


  • Thread milling cutters (thread milling drill)

  • Thread Gauges (plug gauges, ring gauges)

  • Tap wrenches

  • Die stocks


    Special Programme
  • Special designs of threading tools of all types::
    Urgent production of taps in special dimensions within a maximum of 3 days
    Urgent production of special threading tools within a few weeks.



CNC Thread Grinding Technique

CNC Thread Grinding of:

  • internal threads
  • external threads

Grinding of:

  • profiles
  • contours
  • gear tooth systems, et.


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