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REBELL- Individual Series - Urgent Production
- Delivery with Delivery Time Guarantee


We produce for you from the blank – binding within a maximum of 3 workdays – all technically feasible special dimensions:


  • from the external diameter 2,80 mm Ø to 20,50 mm Ø, every allowance, undersize, intermediate size
  • all thread pitches from fine pitch 0,35 mm and/or 72 threads per inch up to the maximum thread pitch of the standard thread
  • also special thread pitches such as 0,85 mm, 25 threads per inch etc.
  • also left-hand thread LH
  • in all cylindrical standard types of V threads: M, MF UNC, UNF, UNEF, UNS, UN, BSW, BSF, BSB, G, NPS, NPSM, NPSF NPSI. (also other special types of threads in right-and left-hand threads)
  • all machine tap blanks made of HSSE
  • structural dimensions up to diameter 10 mm Ø: DIN 371 or DIN 376/374; and/or DIN 2184-1
  • ab diameter 10 mm Ø: DIN 376/374; and/or DIN 2184-1
  • short design: DIN 352, 2181; and/or DIN 2184-2
  • in 3 designs:

    • Form A straight-fluted (ill. A)
    • Form B spiral point (ill. B)
    • Form C spiral-fluted R 35 (ill. C)

Our delivery time guarantee means absolutely safe delivery for you.

Test us and our 3-day-race for special taps!

We shall prove to you that our REELL-3-Day-Service will also get the craziest, most crooked things back to normal in next to no time.


If a special dimension could not be made from an existing blank, we shall then produce it from scratch at short notice.

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